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Dutch VAT Returns

To receive your VAT tax return in the Netherlands, a VAT tax application has to be filed with the tax authorities on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the size of your business. You should deduct the VAT that has been charged to you by other business − the input VAT − from the VAT that you have charged in the sales − the output VAT. The remaining number on the balance is either to be paid to the Dutch tax authorities − output VAT exceeds input VAT − or to be refunded to you by the tax authorities − input VAT exceeds output VAT. This means, in essence, that the VAT return system in the Netherlands should be tax neutral for the businesses that are fully subject to VAT. Especially for the intra-community delivery of goods, extensive reporting requirements exist.

Normally, when you filed a Dutch VAT return, you have to return the paper of digital tax return within two months after the end of the period. This also applies when you have not conducted any business in the Netherlands during that period of time, and also if you are due refund of VAT. If you are unable or unwilling to submit the return yourself, you can choose to authorise someone else to do this on your behalf. We can take care of your VAT return in the Netherlands. Read more about our Dutch VAT return services below.

Dutch VAT return services

As being stated above, it is possible to authorise someone else to take care of your Dutch VAT return. We can assist you in two ways during this process: we can assist you and provide your company with valuable advice regarding VAT return in the Netherlands, but we can also provide your company with advice and carry out the VAT return itself. By letting us take care of your VAT return, you can focus on your core business, while we are preventing you from making costly mistakes. Feel free to contact our team of VAT specialists. They can help you out with any questions regarding the subjects stated above.