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Tax Compliance

Being able to meet all of the Dutch tax compliance obligations does require a lot of knowledge of the applicable Dutch tax legislation, as well as developed accounting skills. Our tax compliance services can help you out. Mostly because the tax compliance obligations in the Netherlands are so complicated, it can be a risk to file and process everything yourself.

A clear tax compliance process

Our tax compliance process secures a correct and up to date administration of your taxes. This counts for both direct and indirect taxes.

The advice and help of our tax advisors will save you loads of valuable time. Time that you would normally spend on mandatory activities, assuring the compliance of your organization with Dutch tax regulations, such as (but not limited to):

  • Preparing Dutch tax returns or Dutch tax filings
  • Calculating tax provisions
  • Solving tax enquiries from your auditor or accountant
  • Solving the Dutch tax authorities’ enquiries
  • Representation during inspections
  • Assisting with FATCA/CRS filings
  • Assisting with local files and/or master files

A dedicated team of tax professionals

The growth and development of your business(es) can benefit from a dedicated team of specialized tax professionals. Not only for a correct handling of your compliance obligations, but also for useful advice on your habitual matters as well as specific transactions to reduce your risks and extend the value of your business(es).

Due to years of experience in the financial workfield, our team of experts is enabled to provide you with the best compliance assistance in the following areas: maintaining the compliance of your company with your statutory return, disclosure and documentary obligations. But there are more services that help to complete your tax compliance.

Tax registration | Tax returns | Bookkeeping services

To help your business grow, we can help you out with:

  • Tax registrations, tax return filings and maintenance of your records
  • Accounting services, reporting services and ongoing statutory tax compliance
  • Tax advisory regarding local (Dutch) and international (worldwide) tax legislation

Corporate income tax return | Corporate income tax compliance

To comply with the Dutch tax obligations, we can assist you with:

  • Tax risk management
  • Preparation of (filing) corporate income tax returns
  • Year-end closing services
  • Assistance during audits and representation during tax inspections
  • Ongoing tax advice on normal and exceptional matters that may affect your business

Value Added Tax Compliance (VAT Compliance)

We have our own team of VAT professionals who can help you out with matters regarding:

  • VAT returns filing and compliance with local statutory obligations
  • VAT compliance and advice through local and international transactions
  • VAT reclaims and refunds
  • VAT registrations and the handling of communication with the (local) tax authorities
  • VAT risk management and services
  • Dispute resolution and representation during tax audits and tax inspections

EC Sales Lists (ESLs) | Intrastat

We can help you out with the following matters regarding ESLs and Intrastat:

  • The assessment of reporting responsibilities within EC (European Community) Sales Lists and Intrastat
  • The recording and reporting of all sorts of data regarding sales transactions for Intrastat and/or EC Sales Lists
  • The completion and supply of Intrastat Supplementary Declarations (SDs)
  • The communication with customs authorities

Get in touch with our team of compliance professionals

Of course there are a lot of questions left to ask, so if you have any questions regarding tax compliance, or other questions regarding tax in general, feel free to contact our team of tax advisors. They can help you out with any questions regarding the subjects stated above.