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Dutch VAT Refund

If you are a foreign entrepreneur who has no taxable presence for VAT purposes in the Netherlands, you are eligible for a refund of the Dutch VAT that you have incurred. Within six months after the calendar in which the VAT has been incurred, you must file a request for a refund. The request must be provided with the original invoices, otherwise the request will be denied. The specific requirements do apply to evidence that the foreign company is an entrepreneur to the Dutch definition. The request of a VAT refund in the Netherlands can be filed once a year, once a half year or once a quarter.

Next to that, it is possible to get a Dutch VAT refund over the past five years. Your request for a refund of Dutch VAT should be made in digital form to the tax authorities of the EU country in which you are established.

But keep in mind that not all VAT is refundable. For example VAT regarding meals or drinks is (in general) not refundable. If you, as a foreign entrepreneur, want to make sure that you filed all the right applications for a Dutch VAT refund, it can be wise to approach a company specialized in VAT to verify or check all your applications. Or you can outsource your VAT refund in the Netherlands, so you’re guaranteed a good VAT settlement.

Dutch VAT refund services

As being stated above, it is very often possible to get your VAT refund in the Netherlands, if you’re a foreign entrepreneur. But there are cases, where it can be really difficult to get your hands on a refund, even though it is your right to receive the Dutch VAT refund in question. That’s why most firms are outsourcing their VAT refund activities. And at TGS lime tree, you’re at the right address for this matter. We can assist you in two ways during this process: we can assist you and provide your company with valuable advice regarding VAT refund in the Netherlands, but we can also provide your company with advice and carry out the VAT refund itself.

By letting us take care of your Dutch VAT refund, you can focus on your core business, while we are preventing you from making costly mistakes. Feel free to contact our team of VAT specialists. They can help you out with any questions regarding the subjects stated above.