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Tax Control Framework

More and more tax authorities are checking the tax control framework − also known as tax risk management − of big firms, because a lot of the firms based in the Netherlands don’t realize they do not meet the tax requirements. In most cases, those companies get a warning and a second chance, but there are examples of companies receiving large additional taxes or penalties. The reputation damage can be a slap in the face as well. This is one of the reasons why having a tax control framework is becoming such an important thing.

But besides the reason stated above, the growing complexity of the international tax system − and the one of the Netherlands in particular − is an important one as well. And this increasing complexity of tax systems are forcing companies to seek help for their tax control framework. But don’t worry, you’re at the right address. Our team of specialized tax advisors can help you with all the ins and outs of a trustworthy tax control framework process. We can map all your risk zones regarding taxes, so you know exactly which components of your firm could cause financial risks.

Assess your tax control framework

Here at TGS lime tree, we can assist you with the identification and improvement of the tax control framework within your organization, so you will meet all the requirements. Our specialists can assess your tax position based on a few critical questions, such as:

  • Are your tax processes written down?
  • Does your company use a proactive tax strategy?
  • Who are responsible for fiscal process control within your organization?
  • Does your organization have sufficient capacity to manage a tax control framework?
  • Is the tax management system checked periodically within your organization?

Our experienced team of tax advisors has all the knowledge of tax control framework, or tax risk management, to help you or your organization out. As a result, you are guaranteed the best advice for every tax risk management problem within your company. Feel free to contact our team of tax advisors. They can help you out with any questions regarding the subjects stated above.