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Dutch Tax Authorities

Through the years, we assisted a lot of clients and firms with their issues regarding corporate tax matters, Dutch VAT and much more. And because we are so actively helping our clients with their tax- or VAT-related issues, we are getting in touch with the tax authorities in the Netherlands very often. This is the exact reason that we have built a very good, trustworthy and professional relationship with the Dutch tax authorities. We know precisely how to hand in documents, we are aware of the way the Dutch tax authorities expect to be approached. And because have such a long history together, we have our own specific contact persons.

Our trustworthy relationship with the Dutch tax authorities can come in handy for you, as a foreign entrepreneur. Because normally, it is quite difficult to create a good relationship with the tax authorities in the Netherlands. Especially for firms or entrepreneurs who are not from around here. If you decide to make use of our services, we can guarantee you that we know exactly how to approach the Dutch tax authorities. Regardless of the matter in question. Underneath this paragraph, we wrote down a list of matters with which we can assist you with, if you are in need of contact with the tax authorities.

  • All corporate tax solutions.
  • All VAT solutions.
  • All tax compliance solutions.
  • All expat solutions.

Dutch tax authorities’ services

As being stated above, it can be difficult for a foreign firm or entrepreneur to get in touch with the tax authorities in the Netherlands. And because of our years of experience, we know exactly how to approach them. That’s why we assist companies with their tax authorities-related matters in the Netherlands. Feel free to contact our team of specialists. They can help you out with any questions regarding the subjects stated above.