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Dutch Tax Advice

Due to fast-changing legislations and regulations in the Netherlands, it can be difficult for foreign companies or individuals to understand Dutch tax laws and rules, as being said on our corporate tax page. This is the reason for many companies, and also individuals, to ask for Dutch tax advice. If you don’t reach out for help regarding these complex Dutch taxes and laws, the chances of making mistakes increase and you risk getting fined. And that’s why we are here: our team of specialized Dutch tax advisors is happy to provide you, or your company, with valuable tax advice in the Netherlands.

Because many companies want to use the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe, the Middle East and Africa by setting up a holding/financing company, tax advice in the Netherlands is a common thing. And besides the fact that the Netherlands has a large amount of tax treaties concluded with many countries, there is currently no withholding tax on royalties and interest. And that is valuable. Due to the Dutch participation exemption on dividends and capital gains in relation to the shares in the subsidiaries, you have a really interesting starting position for your holding/financing company in the Netherlands. But because there are so many laws, rules and exemptions regarding taxes in the Netherlands, obtaining Dutch tax advice is really necessary. In the following paragraph, we will explain the advantages of tax advice in the Netherlands.

The advantages of tax advice in the Netherlands

Looking for assistance for all your questions regarding Dutch tax advice is a wise decision. There are a few important advantages when you approach a Dutch tax advising company. Firstly, you minimize the risks of making mistakes. So you won’t get fined. Secondly, we can assist you to prevent making costly mistakes: we know everything about the Dutch tax system, so we know exactly which rules to apply to let you benefit. And thirdly, you don’t have to do all the research about taxes in the Netherlands yourself.

As being said, the Dutch tax legislations and regulations are really complex and difficult to understand. So if you have any questions regarding Dutch tax advice, feel free to contact our team of specialized tax advisors. They can help you out with any questions regarding tax advice in the Netherlands. And we do not only provide advice, we also help to implement the advice given.

What are the costs?

Basically all our advisory services will be charged on the basis of our hourly rates. Our current fee structure varies between € 145 for junior staff and € 320 for partner and director. Please note that all amounts mentioned are excluding Dutch VAT.

Upon your request we can provide you with an estimate of our costs before we start with specific advisory services.