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Dutch Employment Contracts

An employment contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer, containing all the terms and agreements regarding the working arrangements. If you want to start working in the Netherlands and/or apply for a 30% ruling, an employment contract is mandatory because it is part of the Dutch employment law. An employment contract can be a fixed term contract − a temporary contract − or an indefinite period contract − which is a permanent contract. In the employment contract, you indicate whether a Collective Labour Agreement (cao) applies. Cao is not a mandatory part of the Dutch employment law.

Because there are so many diverse laws covering employment in the Netherlands, Dutch employment law requires careful navigating. It’s easy to make a mistake, so a little help can be useful for you. One key aspect is an informed and determined choice for a temporary or an indefinite employment contract.

In addition, Dutch employment law on dismissal is particularly complicated and intricate, being very protective of employees. In most cases an employer needs permission from the court or administrative organization in order to lawfully terminate a contract.

There are numerous other aspects of Dutch employment law to consider when hiring personnel in the Netherlands. We can provide expert information on negotiating employment contracts with future employees and can provide you with appropriate templates of employment contracts suitable for your organization. In addition, we can translate your own organization’s template into an employment contract that is compliant with Dutch standards.

Information about Dutch employment law or contracts

Because there are different types of Dutch employment contracts and employment laws, it can be difficult to decide which one is the contract that you, or your employer, need(s). We can assist you during this quest. Because of our years of experience with contracts for expats, Dutch employment laws and comparable subjects, we know exactly how to handle even the most difficult situation. If you have more questions regarding the subjects stated above, feel free to contact our team of specialists. They can help you out with any questions regarding the subjects stated above.