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Expat Services Employees’ Handbook

Employees’ Handbook

An increasing number of companies use an Employee Handbook, helping them to establish a standard employee working environment across the various countries in which they operate.

Getting an Employee Handbook in place for your employees in the Netherlands can be a challenge if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of Dutch employment legislation. We translate your organizations Employee Handbook into Dutch while converting the Handbook terms to provisions acceptable under Dutch law.

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What we can offer

  • Employees’ handbook
  • Dutch employment contracts
  • Legal translation of foreign employment contracts
  • Setting up a payroll administration
  • Wage tax returns
  • Application for a Dutch fiscal registration number BSN
  • Advice about Dutch social security
  • Personal income tax returns for expatriates
  • Application for a 30% ruling
  • Salary split
  • Any other cross border tax advice

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