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Expat Services

Expat Services

All our corporate clients conduct their business internationally, and the vast majority of our clients are foreign owned Dutch businesses. Therefore, a lot of the employees of our clients are expats. And as an expat in a foreign country, there are a lot of things that have to be arranged. First of all, you will need a place to stay. And next to that, your employer will need to arrange your payroll, a work permit and an employment contract. And you need to keep in mind that there are certain taxes for expats.

Unfortunately, we can’t assist you during the process of finding a place to live, but we can help you with some other complicated things. Because here at TGS lime tree we do not only provide payroll services, tax returns, corporate tax and VAT advice. We also provide expat services, which means that we assist expats with requests for work permits, employment contracts and issues with taxes for expats. Feel free to contact our team of specialists for more details.

Excellent expat assistance

Utilizing our expat services does not only save you a lot of time. Using our services also prevents you from making costly and time-consuming mistakes. Because the Dutch rules and legislations regarding taxes, work permits and contracts are so complicated, it is easy to overlook some important steps. Our team of specialists can help you − among other things − with the following subjects:

  • The 30 percent tax ruling.
  • Work permits in the Netherlands.
  • Taxes for expats.
  • The Dutch income tax return.
  • Dutch employment contracts.

As being stated above, it can be difficult for an expat to learn about the Dutch tax ruling, work permits and more. That’s why we assist expats with our knowledge regarding those subjects, so we can help them prevent making costly mistakes. Feel free to contact our team of specialists. They can help you out with any questions regarding the subjects stated above.

Our expat solutions include, but are not limited to the preparation and filing of:

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