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Corporate Tax in the Netherlands Dutch Tax Returns

Dutch Tax Returns

Expats that work in the Netherlands may have to file a Dutch tax return. Also for expats that benefit from a 30% ruling (see next paragraph), the Dutch income tax return can be complex. For example: when you paid too much taxes and social security contributions over one year, you can send in an application for a Dutch tax return. Paying too much tax and social security contributions can also happen if you worked in the Netherlands for less than 12 months. The tax return that you receive in the Netherlands is based on an estimated yearly salary. Because there are so many rules and legislations, it’s common that mistakes are being made. Especially when you’re not familiar with the Dutch tax returns. It is our experience that expats have troubles meeting this deadline for filing the tax return. TGS lime tree therefore not only prepares and files tax returns, but also applies for extension of this filing date.

30% tax ruling

Next to the subjects stated above, there’s also the 30% tax ruling. This means that, under Dutch law, a foreign employer is allowed to reimburse employees for any extraterritorial costs they incur while working in the Netherlands. This is a complex administrative procedure which becomes even more complicated when the amount of employees, working for the same employer in the Netherlands, does increase. The 30% tax ruling allows employers and employees to handle this situation in an easier way. By petitioning the tax office, an employer can invoke the 30% tax ruling and pay a tax-free cost allowance to its employees. If the facility is granted, the employer may pay the employee a tax free allowance of up to 30% of the employee’s wage

We assist expats in preparing their Dutch tax return. Our team of specialists knows exactly how to help you with all questions regarding this matter. Feel free to contact us. And we do not only provide advice, we also help to implement our advice in the tax return.

Dutch tax returns for companies

Here at TGS lime tree, we are specialized in preparing Dutch corporate tax returns. Due to our specific knowledge regarding Dutch tax legislation, we know how to handle even the most complicated corporate tax returns in the Netherlands. As a non-Dutch tax resident with Dutch source income, you may not have been invited to file a Dutch corporate tax income return although you are subject to Dutch corporate tax due to Dutch source income. If that’s the case, an invitation to file a tax return needs to be requested for. And of course, we can help you with this.

So if you have any questions regarding tax return in the Netherlands, for companies or individuals, feel free to contact our team of specialized tax advisors. They can help you out with any questions regarding tax compliance and taxation in the Netherlands.

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